About Umionia

Umionia―Food & Learning

Umionia connects culinary experience and information technology.

Our objective is to make as many people encounter with delicious foods, cuisines, and alcoholic drinks.

Our Projects and Products

Ajiwai Story

“Ajiwai Story”, literary means “Stories of Taste” aims to enrich our culinary life and culture through stories of food that we all have in our heart.

We hold events to share our stories in such field as sake tasting party. We believe that such stories might connect consumers with producers.

Ajiwai Story web site


“Sweets.me” is a community of sweets-making people, both amateurs and professionals.

Our objective is to help sweets makers communicate efficiently and happily, and providing opportunities to encounter with other sweets loves. Fortunately, our cookie icing workshops in Kyoto are gaining popularity among beginners.


Publications by Umionia

Umionia’s publications cover contents business, mainly on the music industry, and technical writing on the web, software development, and marketing.

All publications below are written in Japanese. Translations in titles are not official.

"Contents Business in Nutshell": Took charge of the whole chapter about the music industry and future of it regarding social media.


"Web Creators Special Issue - Trends on Web Site Production": Wrote articles on SEO, marketing, and server management.
web creators特別号 Webサイト制作 最新トレンドの傾向と対策(SEO、サーバ関連の記事を担当しました)

"Principles on Web Design, new issue": Wrote articles on SEO, marketing, and server management.
新版 プロとして恥ずかしくないWEBデザインの大原則(SEO、サーバ関連の記事を担当しました)

About the Company

Umionia Limited
Founded at: 5th of December, 2001
Founder, Representative: Takashi EGUCHI
Kyoto Office: KRP Machiya Studio, 128 Fukudaimyojin-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 6028233
Facebook Page: Umionia
Twitter: @umionia